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Products work on the principle of compartmentation. They restrict the fire at source.

Our products work 24*7.  They stop the spread of fire at the fraction of the cost of other systems like smoke detectors,sprinkler systems etc. which are used only after the fire spreads.

We provide complete products range:FR Sealants,FR Cable Coating,FR Motor etc... along with the application.

Suitable for high Rise Buildings,Commercial Buildings and Industries.

Our Products are non-toxic and non-hazardous, assuring no harmful side effects to the applicator and end user.
They are faster, easier to install and clean up, resulting in cost savings to the contractor.


Click on the Product Range links below to find out more about our fire safe products.

Cable Coating

ADITI INTERNATIONAL Supplies the ultimate cable spraying fire protection material, Coating. CableCoating protects electrical cables from spread of flame and also Fire Rates cable for 38 minutes (1100 Deg C) and 52 minutes (750 Deg C)


ADITI INTERNATIONAL supplies several Firestopping products dependant on regional applications. We supply the KBS Passive Fire Protection Range, specializing in FM, UL, BS and DIN



ADITI INTERNATIONAL Supplies the innovative range of Albi Thin Film Intumescent Fireproofing coatings for the protection of Structural Steel, vessels and tanks, specializing in UL1709 and ASTM E-119 fireproofing.


ADITI INTERNATIONAL Passive Fire is the right partner for fire protection. The company has years of experience, internationally approved products, and products certified to the Quality Assurance System.

We believe it is better to prevent a loss than try to recover from one afterward. ADITI INTERNATIONAL Passive Fire's mission is to source and supply technically superior fire products to meet the needs of owners, designers, insurers and operators of buildings. We develop customized loss prevention solutions through Passive Fire Protection to lower your risk.
    Fire/ welding blanket.
    Passive Fire Protection.
    Fire fighting suit/fire
proximity suit / fire entry
    Heat protection work-wear.
    Flame retardant work-wear.
    First Aid Kit.
    Safety Hand gloves.
    Escape chute/ High Rise 'Evacuation System.
    Safety foot wear.
    Bomb blankets.
    Life Jacket.
    Life Buoy.
    Electrical / ESD / Protective Hand Gloves.
    Chemical Suit
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