Aditi international Life Buoy is manufactured in durable high visibility orange synthetic material and requires no maintenance. Moisture proof and non-inflammable. The reflective material fixed in the indentations identifies victims in distress. The Life Buoy complies with the latest regulations.
Dimensions: 72 x 43 cms
Thickness: 11 cms
Weight: Not less than 2.5 kg.


    Fire/ welding blanket.
    Passive Fire Protection.
    Fire fighting suit/fire
proximity suit / fire entry
    Heat protection work-wear.
    Flame retardant work-wear.
    First Aid Kit.
    Safety Hand gloves.
    Escape chute/ High Rise 'Evacuation System.
    Safety foot wear.
    Bomb blankets.
    Life Jacket.
    Life Buoy.
    Electrical / ESD / Protective Hand Gloves.
    Chemical Suit
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