Fire Retardant Suits    
These suits are made from a superior quality fire retardant fabric stitched with Kevlar thread. It protects the wearer in the high heat free from moltan splashes as well as heat. It is light in weight and can be used by the workman staff as well as other employees who are required to visit such high hear areas / Hot Zone. It is most ideal for workman staff to use this FR Suit while performing their duties as compare to normal dresses made out of non FR Fabric.

Color: Blue / navy blue and orange
Size: M, L, XL


We offer work wear brand flame retardant suit  which is made with chemical treated fabrics.
is one of the world's leading Flame Retardant finish on 100% cotton fabrics. It is widely used in most of the European countries as industrial garments as it is better than any other synthetic flame retardant fabric.
Flame, heat and splashes of molten metal are hazards in many working conditions. work wear Flame Retardant protective workwear takes the heat out of fire with a special chemical process,
 CE certified work wear workwear is designed to provide protection against accidental flash fires, sparks during welding operations, heat and even large splashes of molten metal. work wear workwear does not ignite, melt or drip, or in any way expose the skin of the wearer. our work wear Pyrovatex ® protective garments offer light weight comfort-heavy weight protection. Garments made out of our light weight 350gsm cotton fabrics confirm to EN 531, level E2 giving protection to the wearer against large splashes of molten metal.
 A wide array of 100% cotton anti static flame retardant boiler suit, which is appreciated for its distinctive features like smooth texture and quality fabric. These suits are manufactured using 100% cotton to ensure fire protection and welding. Conforming to EN 531 Standard, these are available in various colors that comprise navy blue, beige, green, grey, light blue, sky blue, petrol blue, royal blue, orange, red, white, yellow and khaki.

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